Merken, Daniel

Assembly injection molded frictional safety clutches

Daniel Merken

Actuators for the low load range are almost indispensable in products of the automobile, medical technology or white goods, e.g. electronic exterior mirror adjustment. The actuator must be pro-tected against mechanical overload, e.g. when driving on block. Here, frictionally engaged safety clutches offer a suitable solution. Due to low mechanical requirements and high part volumes, plas-tic based systems are economically interesting. Assembly injection molding offers great potential due to its economical possibility of manufacturing and assembling different plastics in one process step at once.

During operation, these machine elements are exposed to a large number of environmental influ-ences which can influence the functional behaviour. For assembly injection molded frictional safety clutches, the knowledge of these environmental influences on property behavior is very limited to-day. This inhibits its application development.

Within this thesis, the behavior of assembly injection molded frictional safety clutches, based on an exemplary pairing of semi-crystalline thermoplastics PA66 and POM, shall be investigated right after production and during operation within application-related variation of temperature, time and humidity. Furthermore, a system analysis shall be carried out in order to set up a physical-analytical model description. Its objective is to predict part behavior after production as well as during operation and to provide a deeper understanding of the relevant, property-determining mecha-nisms. These research results are intended to be an enabler for the use of assembly injection molded frictional safety clutches as well as of plastic press fits in general.


Pages: 136

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