Rapid.Tech 3D Konferenz 2024

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In the 20th year of the Rapid.Tech 3D, taking place in Erfurt, the additive manufacturing department at LKT took the opportunity to present recent work in the fields of laser-based powder bed fusion and highly filled metal feedstocks for fused filament fabrication.

Samuel Schlicht presented his work on the support-free, cold powder bed fusion of polypropylene, focussing on the interaction of geometry- and process-related influences on emerging part properties, contributing to LKT’s comprehensive knowledge on sophisticated, sustainable powder bed processes.

Complementing these process-related contributions, Thomas Forstner presented a poster on the influence of the addition of waxes on the processing behavior of metal-filled feedstock materials, applicable for the manufacturing of geometrically complex parts from metal alloys through polymer-based processes.

The LKT thanks the organizers of Rapid.Tech3D and its scientific commitee and looks forward to next year’s event!