PPS Conference 2023

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LKT at the PPS Conference 2023 with five researchers from the field of additive manufacturing

We had the honor of presenting our latest research at the 38th International Conference of the Polymer Processing Society. Held in St. Gallen, Switzerland, from May 22-26. This international gathering of leading researchers, industry professionals and academics offered an exceptional platform for sharing knowledge and learning about the latest advances in polymer technology.

Five exceptional researchers from our institute made important contributions by presenting their groundbreaking work in various areas of polymer processing. We congratulate Thomas Forstner, Samuel Schlicht, Andreas Jaksch, Simon Cholewa and Matthias Sebastian Lindbüchl for their outstanding presentations.

Thomas Forstner shared his insights on “Understanding Chemical Foaming of Highly Filled Ceramic Feedstocks for Injection Molding”. His research explored the foaming behavior of feedstocks with varying alumina concentrations, revealing the potential for energy savings and lightweight structures in thermal processes.

Samuel Schlicht introduced the audience to “Laser-Based Additive Manufacturing of Polypropylene-Agarose Composites: Processing Properties and Compressive Mechanical Properties.” This groundbreaking study demonstrated the ambient temperature additive manufacturing of polypropylene-agarose composites with remarkable water absorption properties and progressive mechanical properties under compressive stress.

Andreas Jaksch shed light on the “Influence of Layer Time and Hatch Conformity on the Behavior of Thin-Walled Components in Powder Bed Fusion of Polymers”. His research provided invaluable insights into the behavior of thin-walled components produced by powder bed fusion, offering a profound understanding of mechanical properties and optimization techniques.

Simon Cholewa’s presentation on “Polypropylene in Laser-Based Powder Bed Fusion of Polymers” was another highlight of the conference. His research explored the processing and characterization of polypropylene in laser-based powder bed fusion, demonstrating the potential of the material and opening new avenues for additive manufacturing applications.

Matthias Lindbüchl’s presentation, “Local Integration of Electrically Conductive Paths Using an In Situ X-Y Positioning System in Selective Laser Sintering,” offered a new approach to additive manufacturing. By exploring the creation of locally deposited electrically conductive paths, this research provided new insights into the functionalization of additive manufacturing and its potential applications.

We are proud to have been part of the conference organizing committee, working closely with well-known experts and researchers to create an atmosphere of collaboration and knowledge sharing.