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NETZSCH Future Days




In the event of a fire, polymers can significantly contribute to heat generation and toxic gas emissions. To mitigate this risk, we have developed a revolutionary approach by modifying polymeric materials with flame retarding substances. These additives are meticulously designed to decrease flammability, flame spread, and toxic gas emissions.

Florian Tomiak conducted extensive experiments using an in situ coupling of Cone Calorimeter fire tests with GC-MS and FT-IR gas analytics. This cutting-edge methodology enabled us to collect comprehensive data on ignition times, heat development, smoke development, and evolved gas phase compositions. By gaining a deep understanding of chemical interactions during combustion, we can now design tailor-made flame retardant recipes for each specific polymer.

We are thrilled to have showcased this remarkable achievement during the NETZSCH FUTURE DAYS 2023.

Florian Tomiak, M.Sc.

Institute of Polymer Technology
New Materials and Material Properties