Advancing Knowledge and Expertise in Additive Manufacturing

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The Institute of Polymer Technology at iCAT 2023

The Institute of Polymer Technology is committed to advancing knowledge and expertise in the field of additive manufacturing. We are pleased to have participated in the 8th International Conference on Additive Technologies (iCAT 2023) in Maribor, Slovenia, where our team made significant contributions to the field. 

Prof. Drummer and our team members Sandra Greiner and Samuel Schlicht showcased their remarkable expertise and innovation in polymer technology at the conference. Prof. Drummer’s keynote presentation on the functionalization of polymer materials through additive manufacturing in medical devices generated thoughtful discussions among industry experts and highlighted the importance of polymer materials in advancing healthcare solutions. 

Sandra Greiner and Samuel Schlicht presented their wide-ranging research, showcasing the Institute’s commitment to advancing knowledge and applications in polymer technology. Their presentations generated constructive dialogues with other researchers. 

We are also thrilled to announce that Samuel Schlicht received the “Best Young Scientist Award” for his outstanding contribution to the field. Prof. Igor Drstvenšek, Head of the Organizing Committee, and Prof. Ian Gibson presented the award in recognition of his dedication and the Institute’s ongoing support for the encouragement of young talent. 

The iCAT 2023 conference provided a great platform for our team to present our latest research and interact with other professionals and researchers in the field. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our insights and knowledge with our colleagues and industry partners. 

At the Institute of Polymer Technology, we are committed to continuing our research and development in this area and are excited about the future of additive manufacturing. We would like to thank the organizers of iCAT 2023 for putting together such an informative and productive event. We look forward to participating in future conferences in this field.


Dr.-Ing. Sandra Greiner

Institute of Polymer Technology
Additive Manufacturing

Samuel Schlicht, M.Sc.

Institute of Polymer Technology
Additive Manufacturing