Network “Textile PET in technical applications”

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We proudly announce the foundation of the new network “Textile PET in technical applications” together with the consulting company EurA AG as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. The network aims at producing new technical plastic products from recycled textiles.

Today, only one third of the generated post-consumer waste is recycled in Germany, the majority is still incinerated. Based on the European Green Deal, the obligations for the recycling of textiles will considerably increase the availability of recyclates in the near future.
Especially PET from the textile industry offers manifold opportunities for the use in technical plastic products such as housings, electrical components, insulation, lightweight and hybrid parts. Therefore, the establishment of a circular economy is a future-orientated research topic.

The network addresses small and medium-sized enterprises, covering different areas of polymer technology such as injection molders, toolmakers, compounders, textile, recyclers, as well as manufacturer of plastic parts. In addition, research institutes and selected large companies will be part of the network contributing their expertise and market presence.

We will host an information event on 10.07.2024 at 2 p.m. at the LKT in Erlangen. For registration and further information please contact Marie Wasiak, Network and Project Manager at EurA AG (, +49 7961 9256-267).