Standard Tests

Standard Tests

Tests according to standards provide comparable results from different series under reproducible testing conditions, which is important for interpretation of complex scientific and industrial problems. The Institute of Polymer Technology has developed its own testing methods and also conduct different tests according to standards.

Different standard tests can be find here:

Standards Testing Types
DIN EN ISO 178 Biegeversuch
DIN EN ISO 527 Zugversuch
DIN EN ISO 604 Druckversuch
DIN EN ISO 899 Zeitstand-Zugversuch
DIN EN ISO 179 Schlagbiegversuch
DIN EN ISO 60 Schüttdichte
DIN EN ISO 868 Shore-Härte
DIN EN 59 Barcol-Härte
DIN EN ISO 22088 Spannungsrißbildung (ESC)
DIN EN ISO 1110 Konditionierung
DIN EN ISO 1133 Schmelzindex
DIN EN ISO 1463 Schichtdickenmessung
DIN EN ISO 1183 Dichtebestimmung
DIN EN ISO 1172 Glühverlust an FVK

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