Electrical Properties

Electrical Properties

Influence of the Filler Content on the Specific Conductivity

The triumph of polymer materials as a powerful, versatile construction material is due to their excellent electrical isolation behavior, closely linked to the development of electrical and electronic applications. From the first telephones, light switches and sockets based on bakelite to today’s technically sophisticated dielectric functions in high-frequency power electronics the wide range of industrially available plastics has leat to enormous possibilities in productmanufacturing and function generation. Extensive knowledge of plastic´s behavior in electrical fields have always been desive for technical implementation. Today’s current research at the Institute of Polymer Technology deals with the relationship between the internal structure of plastic components, caused by upstream preparation and processing, downstream aging processes, and resulting electrical properties.
In addition to investigations on plastic´s dielectric strength and behavior in terms of surface and volume resistance, the controllability of the electrical behavior using fillers and additives remains to be a primary focus.

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