Material Combinations / Recycling

Material Combinations / Recycling

Influence on recycling

There are various processes in joining technology for the linkage of different materials, for example welding, pressing or assembly injection molding. A strong connection between the joint partners is often a requirement for multimaterial products: the components should not (respectively just under great effort) be separable.

Due to scarcity of resources and legal requirements, recycling of polymers becomes more and more important. Besides the energetic recycling, especially the material recycling is attractive, in which the raw material is used again in other products.

The recycling of polymers is state of the art. However, the recycling of material-composites, whose single components are not separable economically, is the aim of current investigations at the institute of polymer technology. Special emphasis is on the interactions between the components, the characterizing of the resulting properties and the influence of multiple reprocessing.


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